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Server Side Development

The Dynamic Websites – Server-side programming topic is a series of modules that show how to create dynamic websites; websites that deliver customised information in response to HTTP requests. The modules provide a general introduction to server-side programming, along with specific beginner-level guides on how to use the Django (Python) and Express (Node.js/JavaScript) web frameworks to create basic applications.

What is a server-side developer?

Server-side developers write code to transfer data between sites and servers. ... These software developers design, build, and maintain the server-side code that makes this exchange of data possible. These programmers are also known as backend developers.

What is server-side technology?

Introduction to Server-Side Technologies. ... The term 'server-side technologies' can encompass a range of software solutions, mainly: server-side scripting languages; Database Management Systems (DBMS); web server software such as Apache; and many other technologies depending upon the application being built.

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