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Why Choose NodeJS?


NodeJS comes with a microservice-oriented architecture where applications can be split into multiple small pieces and each piece can be built, scaled, developed, written and deployed independently. This adds to the scalability and flexibility in using technologies and fast-tracks the development time.


Interested to develop a real-time streaming video? NodeJS is the best solution for such apps since it brings event-driven programming to web servers allowing development of fast web servers in Javascript. NodeJS also offers a non-blocking I/O API which optimizes an app’s scalability and throughput.


The event-driven model makes NodeJS lightweight and efficient, making it suitable for data-intensive and feature-rich real-time apps that run across distributed devices. It is one of the most effective server-side frameworks that helps your apps load two or three times faster.


Powered by Google’s open-source high-performance V8 engine, NodeJS is super-fast. Developers love NodeJS because of its asynchronous and event-driven nature, which helps in creating blazing-fast NodeJS platforms.

Real-time Communication

NodeJS comes with excellent WebSocket support, which makes it a perfect fit for building real-time communication apps. NodeJS also has the best modules and libraries for WebRTC (a real-time protocol), which facilitates seamless peer-to-peer communication via APIs with added browser plugins.

Seamless UX

Offering a super-intuitive user interface, NodeJS is one of the finest JavaScript frameworks, that delivers interactive and seamless user experience, apart from helping businesses maximize their ROI with minimum time-to-market.

NodeJS Services

We offer our clients NodeJS development services including:

Custom NodeJS Programming

If you’re looking to incorporate custom NodeJS into your workflow, we have the resources you need. Our in-house team specializes in creating custom-made NodeJS applications for small to large enterprises. We have industry experience in AJAX and JSON communication, real-time web socket programming and rich web application development suited to your specific business needs.

Social Networking Apps

Looking to build a news feed like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Spotify? Talk to our NodeJS developers to create, personalize and scale your news feed and activity streams. Our NodeJS experts come with broad industry knowledge that helps them create competent and secure social platforms and CRM. We offer end-to-end NodeJS development solutions for social web services and applications that are a notch above its competitors.

Back-end and Front-end

We specialize in offering high-quality front-end and back-end services for different technologies that cater to our client needs. We’re adept with APIs, CRM, ERP, web and mobile back-ends, version control systems, etc. We’re skilled at front-end architecture and design, UI/UX development, testing and performance tuning, custom JavaScript solutions and more.

eCommerce Solutions

Go for better business with NodeJS eCommerce development services, offered by our qualified team members. We have skilled NodeJS developers who offer quick and scalable eCommerce solutions like integrating cart, suppliers, shipping, payment gateways, inventories, logistics and product catalogs in your e-commerce site.

API Development and Integration

Our NodeJS developers have years of experience in API design, development, and integration. We have a deep working knowledge of REST API development, JSON API, and XML API. Our team members are proficient in using the SOAP method through which the Web Services or the APIs become platform-independent. We make custom APIs for cloud applications, databases, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware and working frameworks.

NodeJS Support and Maintenance

Our efficient Support team can help you establish, maintain and sustain applications and services. From installation, configuration, upgrades, troubleshooting to re-engineering, we offer full maintenance solutions for your business. Our staff is always ready to provide you with app development and deployment services to help you operate successfully.

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