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How AI/ML unlock new business and growth potential

There are various advantages of integrating AI and ML into your business systems. Outsource AI experts from Mettle Tech to make the most of the advanced technology to optimize resources, increase production, improve sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and get more returns.

AI/ML Services

Machine Learning

  • Creating systems for accurate decisions
  • Interpreting complex data
  • Detecting trends and patterns
  • Integrating and deploying ML engines

Chatbot Development

  • Offer seamless customer support
  • Save time and operational costs
  • Scalable and secured applications
  • Automated workflows and transactions
  • Personalised communication
  • AI support with Google AI (Dialogflow)
  • BM Watson, Microsoft AI, Amazon Lex, or Tensor flow (sense AI Proprietary, custom-built) for Inbox and also for bots (conversational)

NLP and Natural Language Processing

  • Understanding & comprehending data
  • Extraction, Processing, and Analysis of Data
  • Converting Structured Data to Meaningful Insights
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Experience
  • Real-time Auto Translation by Voice or Text into various languages

Voice based AI

  • Customized voice-enabled applications
  • Streamlined and quicker business operations
  • Customized Skill Development
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Language Based Localization

Image processing

  • Optimizing production environments
  • Scaling-up business operations
  • Deploying data to cloud or edge
  • Customized Applications for Automated Analysis
  • Image Recognition & Processing
  • Text Translation Via Integrating Neural Networks

Accurate Forecasting

We analyse data faster so that you can get accurate predictions about future trends in the market. Make use of historical and real-time data to be prepared for the future.

Optimizing Resources

Why do you want to invest more than what’s necessary? Our experts will tell you how and where to cut costs, that too without reducing the quality of the processes. Increase your efficiency while investing in lesser amounts.

In-depth Insights

Our professionals will provide you with new insights every day. They will make sure that no important pattern is missed or not considered for review.

Personalized Services for your Customers

Customers demand personalized services, and we will help you make it happen. You don’t have to stay behind your competitors. Take that step ahead and give your customers what they want. Build a loyal customer base and grow your business.

Solving Real-World Problems

From understanding customer needs to creating successful marketing strategies, we offer solutions to the problems that cause hurdles in your business growth. Our clients are more than happy with the services we provide.

Advanced Data Analytics

Video Analytics, Image processing, Text Analytics, Business Intelligence, Predictive & Diagnostic Analytics; we offer complete services for advanced data analytics and data visualization. The reports will be easy to understand, no matter how complex the data is.

System Automation

Streamline your sales, finance, HR, marketing, and supply chain departments by automating recurring processes. Reduce the product life cycle and eliminate bottlenecks. Increase your return on investment.

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