Server less Development

Delivering enticing next-gen mobile and web apps across globe using powerful and scalable server less app development technologies


Better scalability

Serverless architecture scales automatically. When the number of users increases, the server space scales up according to the number. Thus it prevents the unexpected system shutdown.

Low operational cost

Serverless saves computing power and human resources as it removes the necessity for managing, deploying, and maintaining the servers and reduces infrastructure operational costs.

No server management

Being the best serverless app development company, our cloud provider or vendor takes care of the server management, maintenance, scaling, etc. We also focus on administering services.

Quick deployments and updates

It is not necessary to upload code to the servers or do any backend configuration. Updating, fixing and patching can be easily done by the developers and promote fast product launching

Server less application development service

Due to the emergence of serverless computing, the productivity of many enterprises have enhanced considerably. We are so proud to say that Mettle Tech is one of the initial adopters of this amazing technology. We have extended our seamless services to many business niches crafting robust, scalable, and cost-effective server less apps that suit customer’s goals and requirements. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, the server less computing from Amazon for app development services. It automatically runs your code or app on high availability compute infrastructure without managing or provisioning servers. Being the best Lambda Development Company in Kolkata, we ensure everything is perfect and your code runs and processes in parallel. It scales accurately as per the size of the workload. AWS Lambda offers easy code and security patch deployment and extends other AWS services with custom logic.

AWS Lambda Development Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lambda assists you in executing code without any need to manage servers; you just require paying for the compute time you have utilized for the server. With AWS Lambda, you just need to upload the code and no further administration is needed. We implement the most popular environments like Visual Studio for creating and deploying Lambda functions. As a top AWS Lambda development company, we ensure everything from execution to delivery of the code with high security.

Key Features of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda offers a management console along with an API to manage various functions. It offers runtimes which can support a set of features that makes you switch between frameworks and languages easily, based on your requirements. Additionally, it is also possible to create layers, versions, aliases, custom runtimes, and many more.

  • Automatic Scaling
  • Efficient code
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Seamless operational management
  • No further administration needed
  • Optimize workloads
  • Security patch management and deployment
  • Manage a server less environment
  • Integrated security model

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