What We Do

We are a team of developers and designers, changing the web forever.

In all likelihood there is a scope of improvement in every work, we believe that and work on that aspect to growing better and bigger applications for our clients. Who not only returns to us praising our work but asking for more additions. It's the way we have been working for last 15 years. With a broad range of experience in Ruby On Rails, Android and Java.

Our works on open source platforms have passed every form of test of quality.

Our Experience speaks for us as our products and clients guide us. An innovative approach to product development bringing a solution to customers requirements in the most innovative way possible has been our target for years now. With our vast array of experience in many technologies like MVC of Ruby On Rails to iPad application development, our team has worked tirelessly to provide quality coding every time. As the time has changed in last few years with the growth of mobile technologies, we are now more and more focused on Android Applications. Our path breaking and revenue generating applications have achieved many milestones and provided financial benefit as well.

Mettle Tech is a growing and thriving Information and Technology Company identified with the extremely high skill set to build the complex application to designing the eye-catching user interface. These not only helps the users to use the application efficiently but also improves on its functional efficiency. Leading to a massive fall of time user's spend to learn the software increasing the Return On Investment of it.

With the Growing demand of mobile based applications for official reporting to entertainment, our work has earned us the reputation that takes us to many leading companies, who feel safe and proud to be associated with Mettle Tech. We have worked on different Accounting, Backoffice, Custom Desktop Applications, Hardware Interface Designing, Mobile Hardware Interface development in a vast array of requirements that have come to us.