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Searching for Ruby & JavaScript experts? We help companies create scalable, secure and reliable web applications. We're a little team of engineers, graphic artists, and thinkers who love getting great ideas off the floor. Re architect and scale your company with our high-value and compelling web and mobile phone applications. We unite design with product strategy reducing development cycles growing productivity. This enables us to build secure, stable, performance hungry, fault-tolerant and functional web apps and services. We plan a software development process for efficient & sustainable development.

WHY Mettle Tech:

  • Focus your time and effort in your business than managing a team of developers.
  • Repeat your success every day with our high-quality development knowledge and experience.
  • Improve the quality and productivity of your software with experienced developers.

Our Abilities to integrate Ruby on Rails on all of your activities:

  • Back-end Software.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Engineering of many products.
  • Build or integrate APIs.

Our experts write truly modular, multiple-use code and efficiently collaborate across a team of world class developers. Inside Mettle Tech we maintain a culture to share knowledge and build open source their skills and code's to create or help to create few path breaking applications.

Ruby in some way enables programmers for a particular form of programming that leads to rich and highly responsive web applications. Ruby is a versatile tool with Rails it becomes a complete set.

However, when talking about it, most developers drop the “Ruby on” part and merely refer to it as Rails. Due to its robust architecture, it does a lot of hard works you needs. Rails take proper care of a lot of things giving you plenty of excellent scope to experiment. Ruby Motion causes it to be quite simple to construct native android and IOS apps using Ruby. Rails is elegant, and awesome and if you wish to write robust web applications which will scale and stay low in maintenance too, Rails is an impressive approach to take for your application development. Rails DSL seems like it is primarily the particular language for describing needs when and its there for just smart naming and natural use of Ruby’s syntax.

When our clients do not have an idea we bring the same for them and our entire Ruby on Rails development path suggestions, have been path breaking for them. We like to embellish cases which are not only productive but also successfully scaled to new levels. Whenever you think a little about this, you get an idea why Ruby on Rails but we say go with it and feel the magic of it. I have faith that most clients know their options all right, but they still opt with Rails, this is the beauty of this platform.

For us we come and code for you on Ruby so you get best and most stable mobile and web apps that increase your productivity and give you the best option to scale up in future as you grow and expand.