excel like Reporting tool Integration...

Mettle Tech, one of the leading web development company, provides various data and analytical tools integration & customization services to clients across the globe helping them manage their businesses, target marketing offers and real time decision making.

The few of the powerful tools we provide services for business reporting, data analytics and data representation -

Flexmonster Pivot Table Component :
The world's most respected brands use Flexmonster Pivot Table to create and analyze reports online. This helps you to create interactive Pivot tables & charts reports for web and Flex applications. Pivot Component will provide your customers with an extremely intuitive end-user experience while creating and analyzing reports. Display quickly the complex data from OLAP cubes, SQL databases, JSON or static CSV files, arrange data in tree structure, each report data can be filtered, sorted, formatted with facility to print or export as PDF file, Excel, CSV, image or HTML page.

jqGrid :
jqGrid is a grid plugin for the JQuery Javascript library. It is free, open source. It is an extensive tool for data representation in table structure and supports the following features

  • The UI comes in 20+ languages
  • Paging and sorting
  • Search and filtering
  • In-place cell editing or on-the-fly form creation to edit a record
  • Supports subgrids and tree grid for displaying hierarchical data
  • AJAX enabled
  • Accepts XML/JSON/local array data sources

ag-Grid :
ag-Grid is a JavaScript Data Grid for Building Enterprise Web Applications. An application with ag-Grid will perform more smoothly giving your application a professional and expert feel. A great grid is the foundation of a great application. You can create something specific for a particular report, or create a style that matches the rest of your application and brand.

HandsonTable :
Handsontable is a composite spreadsheet component for apps and websites. It is written in JavaScript and not constrained by any external framework. It can be easily modified or extended with custom plugins. It also binds to any source using the JSON format and handles large amounts of data. You can easily do all CRUD operations and provide end-users with an Excel-like experience with additional conditional formatting of the report for better readability.