Arriving at one goalis the starting point to another

Our reporting method explores the need to go back to fundamental concepts and refresh our motivations for project status. The project manager takes the client through the work as its done. The customer gets the information about the completed work and the tasks that are on the table now. With an expected timeline we work along the client's requirement to complete the work so all these parts of reporting help them guide us through a better or faster mode of completion of the job.

The Management Perspective

In the case of more urgent projects management keeps pressing the team to deliver faster. And the manager is asked to complete the same in a deadline and report to the client keeps reporting to the management as well. Smart managers update status on critical projects time to time. Excellent status reporting implies that managers are fully informed of the projects health and overall direction of it. Our Project Management Software and Excel reporting will keep you updated with guidelines to check the reporting. If you have any past project failures don't bring that in comparison with the existing work, this is our request as we keep up you updated as and when a part of it finishes. Any rush to end the work before the deadline may reduce the quality and that we don't allow happening.

Here is how we move :

Collect the requirements -

  • Understand, discuss and evaluate the idea.
  • Refine and bring correction to the idea to make it profitable.
  • Bring out the beautiful changes and discuss on that.
  • Build a final requirement sheet and documentation.
  • Finally, set the milestone of delivery and costing.

Work on the development -

  • Start the work on coding to build the assets.
  • Delivery of draft system with design and get it verified.
  • Continue the work and keep taking client's feedback.
  • Start building UI and UX part to produce the final product.
  • Start integration and bring all in one impressing unit.

Final Delivery -

  • Final integration check and online live test.
  • QA and Testing.
  • Upload and submit to production.

You will find three main elements to reporting project status:
  • Overall: We have to begin to see the overall project health. Our managers inform you about project difficulties and discuss to solve those. All projects may not be as healthy as you believe it is, so we need to understand the problems associated with every project.
  • Milestones: As the majority of any project is completed we arrange for final discussions to explain remaining payments to continue the work and if needed add more features keeping the same deadline or extend it.
  • Issues: Many projects may face obstacles in the process of completion. We'd want to see brief information regarding each issue to ensure that we can produce a decision on it to solve and move ahead or not.

Organizing Your Status

Just like we clean our home, we clean the project with a high-quality check and arrange the brief final report with detail part by part analysis to start the completion and delivery discussion. It helps us to identify incomplete parts and complete the project in deadline. As we always start the same discussion much before the fixed deadline for project completion.


We complete our work with the clearance of the client and make it live only when it is accepted and cleared after beta testing.