Android Development - GPS Augmented Reality, Push..

Mettle Tech builds highly interactive, scalable, robust custom Android applications. We provide the complete cycle of development for Android platform. It all starts with defining software requirements to publishing applications on Google Play and other App store.

As we know Android, apps are developed in Java using the Android software development kit. Our many years of experience in developing mobile apps in Android SDK for user and server end modules have helped many of our clients. With the quality, we could attract new customers and increase the loyalty of the existing ones. Quality focused work and positive customer referral also assisted in improving the productivity of employees. An estimated 1 billion Android users are there with 1 million activations happening every day. Due to the massive presence of Android devices across the world global businesses need professional Android app development. So we get regular orders, and our existing clients continue their work with further advancement and update of the application. With design approval, programming starts and standard deliveries fixed according to the APK.

Our Android app development services include:

  • Android App Development.
  • Android App UI/UX designs.
  • Android App Testing.
  • Android App Re-modeling.

Mettle Tech is developing different category of android applications such as sports, lifestyle, finance, education and games categories. All our applications are user friendly but also meets the challenging requirements of the users. Our application are constantly updated to meet the demands of our clients and users. All our games applications are educational for kids and gives them knowledgeable growth while playing the games. We provide the latest data status and are constantly updated to meet current affairs.

Android Apps Development Approach:

  • Our Android developers publish your Android apps.
  • Pricing is worth mentioning as we offer reasonable costing.
  • Build third party libraries.
  • Safeguard the product by intellectual property rights.
  • Deployment with Infrastructure Management.
  • Timely delivery with complete quality check.
  • Client centric approach & support.

As the mobile usage is increasing year on year, the overall mobile app usage is up by 72.5%. And shopping, utilities & productivity and messaging also grew by 300%. 51% of time spent on mobile devices in comparison to 42% on desktops. Although getting a great idea for an app is tough, the biggest challenge is getting the right team of developers. You can find more than 2 million app developers in the world, but people who can discover a unique and excellent idea and deliver that in the form of a beautiful app are available with Mettle Tech

It's the reason our Android development is focused on a clean & quality development with the user interface, native development, and intuitive UX. But if you want an App to be successful you need experienced developers with you, and there comes Mettle Tech with around a decade's experience in cross binding multi-platform technologies to deliver the best for you in Android arena. In our development process, we guarantee maximum universality and Quality. Because we test our pps in more than 50+ devices – phones, tablets, basically on everything. With the ability to build the extension of Android apps for Android TV and other devices you are always safe with Mettle Tech.

We also implement analytical tools and provide the constant improvement of the apps. Based on your requirement we can give you the idea for further development and marketing of your app. The end of development for us is not an end of cooperation. As development at our company goes hand in hand with our support for all your requirements which gets addressed immediately.