3D Game Development - Action, Racing, Strategy..

A game made by us ignites your imagination and turns an idea into reality. Mettle Tech produces, develops and publishes games for Smartphone, tablets and other devices with the end to end solution.

Games that train you in scientific laws to corporate leadership to pathological anatomy or may be just a bubble shooting game you can get all from us. We are a team of experienced and passionate developers and designers combining impressive art with highly engaging gaming technology to take the players in the exciting world of games. If you have an idea come to us, we will convert that idea into the next hot-selling game. Our beautiful game designing with dedicated development support with cutting-edge technologies provided you one of the best creations of augment reality, virtual reality, and motion control. With robust coding and visually appealing design, we made our clients profit from them.

About 3D Gaming Industry:

Although the Gaming Industry faces a lot of uncertainty but increasing needs of high-quality games for mobile gaming industry has sparked a new movement and demand in the industry to have better designed and well-built games. 3D Gaming technology has been the cornerstone of many new profitable games that are played on mobile and desktop. With extensive revenue generation capability, they demand proper planning and execution with the appropriate focus on the quality of design and development. The major 3D Games which are bringing millions and billions of user interactions and large revenue are all built in following software’s and by people who had years and years of experience in planning such high-quality games. We bring a team of designers and developers with the same level of quality so you too can achieve the same degree of success in your next gaming venture.

Whether playing a few minutes of casual puzzle or chess? Getting engrossed in an interactive storyline? Or even a shooting and fighting game, mobile device users love games. If we can provide them what they look for your next game can also be one of the next hot games in mobile gaming segment, then you can work on it to move to desktop or even online live game as well. Possibilities are unlimited given you have Mettle Tech with you.

With some of the best talent onboard, we have produced some compelling games for smart-phones both for Android and IOS, which are highly appreciated by users in Google Play Store and App Store.

Our game development capabilities are excelled each day using high end technologies like ActionsScript, Unity3D, Android (java), ObjectiveC and PhoneGap along with innovative 3D animation and design using latest tools like Photoshop, Blender, Maya etc.

Types of games we make:
  • Action 3D Games.
  • Racing 3D Games.
  • Board 3D Games.
  • Sports 3D Games.
  • Role Playing 3D Games.
  • Casual 3D Games.
  • Arcade 3D Games.
  • Strategy 3D Games.

Today's Technologies used in Gaming:

As the robust built-in multimedia capabilities have helped many developers to build games for Android and iPhone, companies choose HTML5 as developers can wrap it in native code for app store distribution. It reduces development time and reaches the widest possible audience. Many HTML5 games hosted online can be updated very easily and shared by sending a simple link while adjustments made to the page layout for adjusting new ads and promos without any problem.

Games that we make take you to the borderline of virtual reality and rational world. We can do this by an incisive understanding of technology and gaming industry with years of experience. That's the reason we talk to our clients for days to understand and build prototypes that satisfy the requirement and helps make the product that will again fetch millions of users. With it, our rock-solid code base provides the much needed strong foundation to the games we make.