3d character modeling, Semi-Realistic to Realistic
3D Character Development and design Studio of Mettle Tech

We create characters that bring reality to computer animation and provide Character Modeling Services customized for 3D Character design in line with the characters needed by clients. If you have an idea start sketching with our innovative team of 3D Character Modelers for movies, games, entertainment, television and advertising. We're proud to state that Mettle Tech Studio has 100% client satisfaction till date.

Our 3D Artist including 3D Modelers, Sculpting Artists, and Texture Artists can make 3D Cartoon. We Can take you through the journey of Semi-Realistic to Realistic creature creation, Mechanical & Automatic component modeling.

Our highly talented and expert team of 3D character creators handle the 3Ds Max. 3Ds Maya based character creation with Low Poly and high Polygon for Game development in Unity3D and Unreal Engine with LOD.

Increasing effectiveness of our team is consistently benefitting many companies. We also work as a third party vendor to provide you models for your current animation work. While working as a team member, we have done few great works of art for many animation houses. Our designers are waiting to be part of your current team at a low cost but maintaining higher quality than other outsourced designers.

Character Modeling

We offer unparalleled quality 3D character modeling services for the clients. With customized 3D character designs in line with the character needs according to customer's need. Our 3D figures are directly suitable for major animation software’s. Our work reflects our effort and time devoted while creating animations in line with the 3D character models produced by us.

Character Texturing

Building game title is another important task which is accomplished by high-quality character texturing. The series follows a small group of artists who demonstrate their production techniques from concept phase to final made animation. While exploring many aspects which include techniques, for example UV layout, Projecting, Texture Painting using 2D and 3D software, in addition to overviews of shader and render setup we deal in all.

Product Animation

With high-quality product modeling and animation, Mettle Tech stands as a leader in business verticles and industry segments. We deal companies in Manufacturing, Furniture Designing, Decorative Material creators, Electronics, Toys and many other product-based firms. With no space for corrections, our digital models and animations may serve as a useful internet marketing tool. With core expertise & many years of experience in 3D product modeling, you can get some of the best models made in many industry segments from us.

We define character animation as:
  • Rigging & Animation.
  • Game Development.
  • Motion animation.
  • Capture and render.

Software’s we use:
  • Maya.
  • Unity.
  • Blender.
  • Adobe Photoshop.